You are a woman who remakes the world.

With every mindful breath, with every tuned-in conversation, with every intuitive nudge you give others — you show up.

You’re a healer, a helper, the best kind of supporter. A creator of beauty. A conduit for connection and feminine power.

In whichever ways you serve — through your art, your parenting, your intimate friendships, your heartfelt activism, or your chosen profession — you find sweetness and meaning.

And yet — holding space for others comes at a cost.

If you’re not full-up on your own self-care, the personal cost begins to feel almost unpayable.

You try to replenish your well, but the world seems to require more and more. So you keep giving. You’ll strive for a sense of enoughness until exhaustion defines you, and you carry the heaviness of your deep work wherever you go.

Wonderful lovely, you are meant for more than this.

You are meant for meditative walks, for deep gladness, for little people hugs. For circles of women and beach sunsets. For a partner who gets you and sisters who know you and a community that has your back. You’re meant for back rubs and enough good olives and dark chocolate and salt baths and long cries when you need them. You’re meant for warm embraces and the wilderness and quiet joy and rollicking adventures and unexpected grace.

I’m Reise (pronounce RISE-ah) and I help women like you — creators, healers, helpers, and mamas — remake your experience of your life and self.

I believe you can…

Refuel your well. Live your truth. Feel alive again in the process.

I’ll support you as you feel into a new sense of yourself as the powerful woman and force of nature you are.