photo-about1Hello, Beautiful. I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Reise. I’m honored to share some of my own story with you.

The most important bit is this: I write and coach and create personal growth experiences for women who take on the world through the lens of healer, helper, creator, doula (i.e. you help others bring forth life), and/or mama (i.e. you help others grow). You may identify with all, some, or only one of these roles. If you see yourself here, you are wanted and welcome, sister.

Second of all (since we’re going to be well acquainted), my name is pronounced in two syllables: the first sounds like what the sun does every morning, the second sounds like the happy exhalation of relief. RISE-ahh. My name means ‘journey’ or ‘travel’ in German, which has always felt like an appropriate metaphor for the way I live life. I’m an explorer, through and through.

A blend of inquiry, connection, and going inward

I’ve studied Thai massage in Thailand, yoga in India, Mayan healing in Belize, and traditional midwifery practices in Mexico. Every country, every practice, every breath has prepared me for the work I get to do now. Today, I apply my ten years’ experience as a professional birth support person in support of all my women clients. Some of my clients are actually on their journey to childbirth, while others are traveling through life initiations, transitions, and transformation.

Throughout my life — personally and professionally — I’ve watched givers, helpers, mothers, doulas, and sensitive, aware women pour themselves out in support of others. My work in the world is dedicated to these women — women like you.

photo-about2From overfunctioning to giving from a full cup

I truly believe there’s another way, a better way, for heart-centered women to live a life of service — by stepping into our own power, filling our well from a place of abundance, and trusting that our feminine nature will lead us into our truth. Helping the helpers creates a ripple effect, and this is one reason my work brings me joy.

This is not personal improvement. This is about learning to receive.

The two are distinctly different. The former says, you are not enough. The latter says, you are worthy and you deserve it.

In case there’s still any question, I’m ALWAYS going with, you are worthy and you deserve it.

Can you relate?

I’ve been there. As a mother, a healer, and a creative, I’ve learned — sometimes the hard way — how important it is to allow help, favor intuition, learn self-trust, practice self-love, feel rather than just think our way through, follow our feminine rhythms, and at times, step out of the supporting role. The boundaries and mindfulness practices I cultivate in my life and work — flexible, freeing, and changeable like the moon — help me to help others. It’s a lesson I’m still learning, but I know, bone-deep, that I’m a better person, for myself and for others, when I remember it.

A shame-free, guilt-free conversation where women take up space

As a professional birth doula, I’ve seen women at their most raw and naked (literally and metaphorically). I know for sure there is incredible strength in vulnerability.

When we release the social mask and step into our intrinsic courage, there’s no limit to what we can create. It’s my job — and my honor — to create a space for you to be intimate and real, guiding you while letting you shine like the constellation you are.

The alchemy of traditional wisdom & innovation

I’ve built my practice by balancing traditional wisdom and healing with the latest findings from neuroscience, epigenetics, gut-brain science, and women’s hormones and cycles. This means the work we’ll do together marries the ancient with the cutting-edge, made relevant and practical for women’s lives today. I’ve been fortunate to study with some amazing teachers in so many different settings and I bring that all to you, along with a set of powerful mindfulness practices and holistic coaching tools.

I honor what has come before but live by my own rules. I teach my clients to do the same.

Credentials, Experiences, & Fun Stuff

CLCC-graduates-badgeI have degrees in International Relations and French, graduate studies in the Humanities, studied at the Sorbonne in Paris (mais, oui), and completed a 12-month community-building fellowship in the Middle East.

I came to the work of being a doula by way of yoga teaching by way of personal fitness training. Suffice it to say, everything in me honors the body and the amazing, miraculous stuff it can do!

I’ve been heavily involved in the San Francisco doula community for years, as a mentor, a speaker, an educator, and a board member, and I have deep training in several areas complementary to childbirth, including craniosacral and lactation.

I live in the Bay Area (diverse, gorgeous, crackling with innovation) with my life partner, our son, and our two rescued pets. My ‘me time’ often looks like a juicy book + rooibos chai + dark chocolate, hiking in the hills or hanging out in my garden with a journal.

I’m a double Virgo (très sensual + rich fantasy life + mad detective skills) and an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs (which is the archetype of The Counselor).

Questions? Please reach out.
When you’re ready, take a look at how we might work together.