Soulful conversations. Inspiration. Integration. What’s calling to you now?

Whether you’re a mother, a doula, or simply a woman who serves others professionally or as part of a personal conviction, I’m here to walk beside you as you learn to refill your well and articulate a new vision of yourself.

You may have sought out support in the past, but I believe there are even deeper realms you are ready for. When you work with me via one-on-one coaching or my online group programs, we go way beneath the surface. We seek authentic connections and comprehensive self-awareness that touches mind, body, spirit, and soul.

I believe this is what women who give of themselves need and deserve.

Keep reading to learn more about the support that’s available for you — the kind of support that is your sacred birthright.

The Breakthrough

The spark that lights the dark. The first step down the path. Whether it’s the start of something more or just some advice or brainstorming on a single, tangle-y topic, sometimes it’s that initial push in the right direction that makes all the difference.

For healers, helpers, creatives, and mamas in transition, The Breakthrough Session can be that much-needed push from darkness or dimness into light. If you’re suffering from overwhelm, guilt, self-doubt, and burnout, if you’re feeling the deep yearning to awaken part of yourself that’s gone to sleep, if you’re dealing with the push-and-pull between over-providing and guilt that mothers and caregivers so often feel, The Breakthrough can help carry you over the threshold of transition so you can see the possibilities beyond.

When you’re ready to unpack the complexities of your life and commit to working on yourself, this singular 90-minute phone session can be the impetus to feel at home in your own skin, to clear your blocks and discover a new way of seeing things . This session is designed to be the shift you need to move forward. With clarity, confidence, and calm, we move toward insight, inspiration, and, at last, integration. Together.

The Breakthrough process includes pre-session inquiry questions, a single 90-minute coaching session, an email follow-up, and a recording, for your investment of $180. Schedule our session

The Explorer

As creators, helpers, healers, and mothers, we give of ourselves every day. Our giving nature facilitates the thriving of those we love. But non-stop striving can deplete us and cause us to lose sight of what lights us up. Self-trust, self-care, self-love: these regenerative practices can help us feel fulfilled, ready to freely share again from a deep wellspring, renewed and empowered.

The Explorer is an experience of ongoing coaching sessions, scheduled twice a month for a minimum of four months. This transformational package is designed to help any woman plagued by the “shoulda-coulda-woulda” feelings of doubt, guilt, shame and comparison. When what you envisioned — parenting, career, life — isn’t living up to your expectations, when you want something more, something spiritual or profound or simply different, I can help you let go of limiting patterns by attending to what’s underneath. You’ll emerge from our explorations together feeling stronger, clearer, and more fulfilled, for yourself and for those who rely on you.

Please note: While there is some overlap in methods, coaching is not therapy.

The Explorer sessions are conducted over phone or Skype and include a discovery questionnaire to light our journey, the coaching sessions themselves, and practice exercises between sessions, with an investment of $350 per month for a minimum of four months. Schedule your first session

Rise Doula

There is no questioning the power of birthing a human. For everyone involved, it’s a transformative, emotional, often even mystical process. But when the business of birth is your life — as it is for doulas, midwives, and other birth helpers — those same profound feelings and responses can require ongoing tending.

Through this six-month online program, I help doulas, midwives, and other birth professionals push past the daily work of birth support, taking their practice to the next level and finding more satisfaction and sustainability in the work. Whether you’ve felt mismatched with recent clients, out of alignment with your own values as you work, or overwhelmed, lost, or confused, you are not alone. It is possible to experience this great work differently.

Read more about the Rise Doula program here.

Rise Mama

Pregnancy and childbirth is a miraculous journey. It’s also a journey filled with overwhelm, doubt, and often… a hint of panic. A simple Google search leads to an all-night information binge, and stories from friends and family can make things even worse. With endless opinions and conflicting information, how do you know you’re doing this right? Is there a right way?

The journey to motherhood can be deeper, more meaningful, even more spiritual. If you’re ready to feel a richer connection with your child than knowing this week’s fruit size, to move through this journey with more than a list of rules, to experience pregnancy and childbirth as something other than medical events, Rise Mama can help you grow, connect, and create joy and presence, alleviating the blockages that prevent you from reveling in the process.

Read more about the Rise Mama course here.

The Desire Map

The Desire Map is a workshop for discovering what you want most out of your life. Based on the best selling book The Desire Map, we get straight to the heart of the matter: how you want to feel.

At the end of this workshop, you will walk away with your Core Desired Feelings and use those to guide your life decisions in your career, your body, your creativity, your relationships, & your spirit.

Join me for my next two-day workshop August 6-7 in San Francisco.

Learn more about the Desire Map and the next workshop here.