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Free Teleritual & Live Class
How to build up so you don’t burn out
for doulas, birthworkers and helpers

Light a candle for a Relief & Release Ritual in the company of soulful sisterhood. Then, learn how to leave depletion behind and be of service to other women in a way that is sustainable, nourishing and authentic.

When your job is supporting women before, during, and beyond their journey to motherhood, the stakes are high for everyone. As a helper and a healer supporting women in their most vulnerable and awe-inspiring moments, you pay an emotional, psychological, and spiritual price.

I have created a safe container for you. A sacred space to honor where you are going and where you have been. A ritual to honor you as witness of birth, rebirth & loss, as keeper of stories, secrets, intentions and triumphs. It’s not always beautiful and amazing, but the work is rewarding. It can fill you up while the lifestyle, the outward flow of your giving and the intensity of this work [of the heart] can deplete you.

Burnout, compassion fatigue and overwhelm are high for doulas, midwives, birthkeepers and parent helpers. If you love what you do, but wonder how to make it more sustainable and fulfilling on every level while still being of service in a way that feels true for you, please join me for this free online event.

Monday, July 18, 2016, 7:30pm Pacific

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photo-about1Hi. I’m Reise Tanner, the creator of the Rise Doula experience.

As a professional doula, educator, and doula trainer with over 10 years experience, I’ve had the privilege of talking with hundreds of birth support professionals about their experiences both rich and raw (often both).

Every birth support person I’ve spoken with feels called to this work for a reason. And yet, through the haze of exhaustion, confusion, overworking, and/or underearning, so many of them have lost touch with joy, fulfillment, a sense of deep calling, and/or their core values.

I’ve created the Rise Doula program as an antidote. It’s my mission to provide soulful support and life fuel for women who take on the world through the lens of helper, healer, creator, doula and/or mama. If you see yourself here, you are wanted and welcome, sister.