Rise Doula Modules

Module 1 – Clarity

You have answered the call to do meaningful work that makes a difference. We get clear on your unique mission, goals and skills so that you can share them. We also discover what gets in the way, so we can remove the obstacles (internally and externally).

Module 2 – Deep Listening & Intuition

The difference between a good and great doula is knowing how to deeply listen to herself and others. We set the tone for our community and gain skills putting this into practice, together. You will access greater intuition and connection.

Module 3 – Right Action

Understanding scope of practice and your unique contributions. How to maintain integrity and authenticity in your practice, while making a difference.

Module 4 – Sustainability

Birth work can be intense and take its toll. How to set up a sustainable practice that feeds you without depleting your resources, burning out or selling out.

Module 5 – Accountability

Doula work is a burgeoning and exciting profession that can seem like the Wild West. Lack of regulation (and in some locales, over-regulation) makes us vulnerable as a group. How to up-level your practice with legal protection, professional affiliations and other tools to build connection, appropriate expectations and a system for feedback/responsiveness that will benefit you and those you serve.

Module 6 – Connection

Go from rapport to relationship, from tolerance to acceptance. Cultivate satisfying connections that serve you with clients, other care providers and the community. Develop skills that will bring more joy and ease to your work, while increasing trust and impact.

Module 7 – Embodiment

We can influence birth, healing and well-being through engaging and understanding the body. Apply advanced knowledge to help your clients access greater function and freedom for birth and postpartum, while embodying these principles yourself to become more grounded, centered and present.

Module 8 – Courage

Fear frequently arises in and around birth or transition. It often has something to teach us. Learn to be with and work with fear so you can transform it into something useful. Understand and create the conditions for courage, confidence and calm to emerge.

Module 9 – Spirit

How doulas “hold space” and invite sacredness to their work. Develop practices for consciousness and connection with yourself and clients. Explore feminine spirituality and the freedom that comes from aligning with a higher power.

Module 10 – Great Leaps

How knowing the latest science will change and improve your practice. What epigenetics, the microbiome and neuroscience have to say about health, birth and mothering. Apply this knowledge for better understanding and outcomes. Prepare to blend cutting edge innovations and discoveries with the best of traditional wisdom.

Module 11 – Radical Action

Follow your passion and make a difference. Explore what you are called to do and how to make a powerful contribution in changing the culture around birth, mothering and women’s choices. It’s hard not to be touched by the many disservices and injustices we witness, which take a toll on our morale. Figure out how to channel your efforts towards lasting improvements.

Module 12 – Growth

Any doula who practices for awhile willl encounter some difficult situations working with clients or in her own life. Learn about and explore common examples such as loss, trauma and anxiety. Often, coping with these can be a catalyst for growth. Set up strategies and resources to for support when or if these arise. Prepare for the next step as you take grow and stretch beyond your comfort zone.