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I believe…

June 8, 2016

Magenta goes with everything, every room deserves a red accent, chocolate should be very dark, our true nature is love and goodness, the definition of a weed is in the eye of the beholder, every person is born with their own original medicine, the body has an innate intelligence and that it seeks balance in the form of homeostasis.

Blue eye shadow, bright lipstick, bindhis and glitter are never out of style, that everyone looks good in hoop earrings, animals should be treated kindly and in thanking postal workers and garbage truck drivers – even if they’re just doing their job.

All people deserve compassion and to be looked in the eye, in grassroots movements, that magic is possible when a group of women come together, the real truth doesn’t harm, it is worth visiting holy sites and elders are worthy of both respect and care for the simple fact of surviving on this planet as long as they have.

It is never too late, there is strength in letting go, forgiveness and setting boundaries, the world needs more women in power and Mother Earth is both holding us and needs our help.

Hats are universally flattering, in wearing bike helmets, that sometimes we just need to take the leap and Mary Poppins must have been based on a real person.

The best candles are made of soy and beeswax, renewable energy is the future, that self-care is not selfish, you don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga or in key to sing, sex can be sacred and funny, and that all bodies should be appreciated.

We don’t have to give up who we truly are to belong, that you are enough as you are and worthy of love, that we are social beings and connection is important to our well being.

Community, marriage and relationship should be verbs, kindness is a currency, women’s voices matter, in the right to choose and bodily integrity, that laughter is medicine and in universal access to education, clean water and health care.

Everything is connected, nobody is too small to make a difference, bringing beauty to the world is a worthwhile cause, being in nature is restorative, men need hugs and that it really does take a village.

Floral dresses and star patterns brighten the day, in time spent reading horoscopes and recognizing constellations, in awkward pauses and passionate exaltations, that shining your light will never dim someone else’s and the world needs more people living from their truth.