How To Find Feminine Wisdom

March 30, 2017

Divine Feminine Indian Goddess Statues

Seeking the Feminine

I began seeking Feminine wisdom when I was just a girl. I did not have a name for it but I longed for it and sensed it in the patch of woods bordering our urban neighborhood and in a graceful older woman in our community named Leah with long silver hair whom people said did something called yoga.

In those days, I did not have a mentor for this and my exhaustive searches in the New York Public Library only came up with books about the Salem Witch Trials. Still, I knew that I was onto something.

A few years later, I would slip a twenty from my father’s nightstand and take the subway downtown to the east village where I discovered a little store that sold crystals, healing herbs, magic candles, tarot cards and books that held the secrets of gypsy love potions and Wiccan incantations. I knew that I was getting warmer and briefly delved into this metaphysical realm.

When I interned at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I found myself drawn to representations of and by women. Though I had never gardened, I was magnetically attracted to old manuscripts of herb lore and recipes collected by midwives and alewives.

I know today that we are lucky to have the bits of wisdom that have survived. The Feminine was pushed deeper underground. Women were often persecuted and their knowledge eradicated.

Learning about the Feminine

Next, I began learning about world religions and mythologies through books and classes at the New School. I immersed myself in yoga, Buddhist philosophy, movement practices and anatomy studies. I was getting closer but had no idea how it would all fit together.

Then, I discovered the realm of women’s cycles and midwifery in my mid-twenties and found spiritual mentors like Sally Kempton and Shiva Rea. I travelled to India, Thailand and Belize to immerse myself in traditional wisdom and ancient healing techniques.

A deepening connection came through my monthly women’s group that met on the new moon for seven years and from the power I witnessed while attending births in the role of doula.

Discovering the Feminine

Now I see the Divine Feminine in everything. I no longer have to seek her out because she is always there. This wisdom has become more accessible and available because of the internet and the many women (and enlightened men) who have sought to restore our awareness.

Whether we call her Shakti (Sanskrit), Shechinah (Hebrew), the Great Mother, Yin or the Feminine, her quality is timeless, limitless and appears in the natural cycles.

She encompasses nurturing presence, flow and intuition. She is expressed through connectivity, collaboration and compassion. The journey to discover Feminine wisdom is an inner one.

She was there guiding me all along. We can always call on the Feminine for healing, support and wisdom.

There are many good books and resources out there today, but the doorway to feminine wisdom is inward. At first, it may be difficult to perceive among our busy thoughts and activity. Receptivity and being-ness are required. The Feminine can also be found in sensuous living, dance, music and nature.

Feminine Healing

We need the energy of the Feminine to balance our masculine-oriented culture and bring the dawn of wholeness individually and in our society.

 Many people have acknowledged the current call for the feminine and that it is rising. Whether implicitly or explicitly, my work with women is imbued with the feminine, both honoring and invoking it.

How do you experience the Feminine? 

When do you sense Her presence?

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